Our Story

Home While We Roam started with weekend tent camping as a family but as many tent campers come to find, the curiosity to experience RV camping became too strong. The Elliotts soon purchased their first camper, a 2018 Winnebago Minnie Plus. The joy and adventure of RV living helped them discover they could create an incredibly meaningful family experience by traveling The United States together. This is what fueled their decision to travel full time. Home While We Roam is meant to document this experience so others might find the inspiration they need to challenge the traditional and get out and roam.




Alaina is our creative force, Headmistress of Road School, and Captain of the ship. Through her careful planning and research, Home While We Roam has a cross country itinerary to be envious of. Her past life as a k-6 educator and as a professional photographer seem to match The Elliott’s needs as a full time RV family almost too coincidently. When she isn’t behind the lens of her Nikon she is likely found snuggling her girls and when she gets the time, digging into a new book.




With the support of Alaina and his daughters, Sam made the life changing decision to leave the career that he loved at a major cyber security software company. His goal is to use their travels and adventures as fuel to build the best possible future for his family. At Home While We Roam, Sam is responsible for ensuring his family has an epic adventure while maintaining every technical element of their RV rig, which includes smart home technology and a self installed 300 Amp Hour Lithium-ion battery bank/400 watt solar power system. He is most looking forward to time to be mindful about what life has to offer.





Kate is chief animal biologist. She loves all creatures big and small but has a special affinity for her dog Nick. When she is not wading creeks looking for salamanders or spotting tiny caterpillars from 25 yards away,  she can usually be found in her study sketching hedgehogs.





Olivia is Home While We Roam’s chief perseverance officer. She personifies the power of perseverance with her ability to master any task she cares to. That perseverance has led to her development as a gifted artist as well as a master hula-hooper. When she isn’t busting out her latest dance moves, she can be found cuddling with her pooch Pete.




Pete and Nick

Pete and Nick are Aussie Doodles but Kate and Olivia call them Awesome Doodles. Pete is Nick’s older brother by 9 months. Their mama is a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd and pops is a Standard Poodle. They are truly fantastic dogs and carry out their responsibilities as bionic alarm systems with utmost vigor. When they aren’t out on a hike, they can both be found rolling on their backs, begging for belly rubs.