What gave you the idea to travel the country in an RV?

Funny story. It all started with an eclipse. See the video below for the longer version but the short version is this:

We loved to tent camp


The RV helped us realize how much freedom you can have.

How long do you plan to travel?

We are planning on around one year to explore The United States in our RV.

Our plan is to leave Atlanta, GA on  September 1, 2018 headed to the South West and Pacific North West for about six months. We will be back on the Atlanta side of the Mississippi in the spring of 2019. Ultimately spending Summer 2019 exploring The Eastern Seaboard from the Florida Keys to Maine.

Follow us on our travel map here.

What did you do with your house/cars?

We are maintaining our home base in Atlanta, GA. The house is smart homed up so we can keep an eye on things while we are away. It is a great piece of mind to know we have a sticks and bricks home if we need it.

What parts of The United States are you visiting?

We plan to stay at least one night 35 states and 20 national parks but here are the highlights:

  • Arkansas – September 2018
  • New Mexico – September 2018
  • Oklahoma – September 2018
  • Colorado – September 2018
  • Utah – September 2018
  • Wyoming – October 2018
  • Idaho – October 2018
  • Oregon – October 2018
  • California – November ’18 to January ’19
  • Arizona – February 2019
  • Texas – February 2019
  • Louisiana – March 2019
  • Florida – April 2019
  • South Carolina – April 2019
  • North Carolina – May 2019
  • West Virginia – May 2019
  • Maryland and D.C. – June 2019
  • New Hampshire – June 2019
  • New York – June 2019
  • Massachusetts – June 2019
  • Vermont – July 2019
  • Maine – July 2019


How do you plan your route and stops?

First we looked at weather patterns to avoid snowy winter and scorching summer weather. Then we bought a big map of the US and started picking all the cities, national parks, and monuments we wanted to see. Once we had those two areas covered, it was pretty easy to outline a route with all of our planned stops along the way.

How far in advance do you plan your route?

As soon as we decided to take the family full time in the RV, we got to work making reservations. Most locations allow bookings six months in advance and we book those six months out.

Do you plan to dry camp or boondock? What is boondocking anyway?

Boondocking is essentially camping without hookups. You may also hear it referred to as ‘dry camping’. Often, dry camping means staying in a campground without hookups, whereas, boondocking typically means staying in a completely undeveloped area. You may also hear people talk about ‘dispersed camping’, which is the official term often used by government agencies.

We are going to boondock around 10 days a month during our trip. Thanks to our solar setup we should be able to enjoy all our modern conveniences while getting closer to nature, taking in epic views, and hopefully seeing some diverse wildlife.

Do you feel safe while camping?

Yes! We feel safe at RV parks and in the woods. RV parks prioritize their guests security and offer gates that lock and full time camp ground hosts. We actually feel safer when we are off the beaten path. The folks that might make you nervous tend to be concentrated in urban areas vs. the great outdoors where it is just you and the bears.

Do you always make reservations?

Yes. We always make reservations ahead of time. We understand there are two schools of thought on this so not knocking the freedom seekers who roll up and look for walk up accommodations. We have been happy making reservations but leaving gaps between where we know we will boondock, which satisfies that need for freedom. Ask us this after a year and see if our opinion has changed.

What kind of dogs do you have?

Pete and Nick are brothers. They are Aussie Doodles. Their mama is a Blue Merle Australian shepherd named Piper and their Pops is a Standard Poodle named Pitch. Our girls call them awesome doodles and they really are ridiculously good pups. It is a safe bet they are enjoying this adventure even more than we are!

Can you take your dogs everywhere?

We take them to as many places as we can. We can’t stay in RV parks that don’t allow pets but most do so that hasn’t been a problem for us. Some parks don’t allow dogs on the trails so in that case, we board them. Most national parks offer day boarding and that way we don’t have to worry about them.