9 Ways to stay cool camping this summer

August is here and that means Summer time is in full swing! Beating the heat is hugely important for summer time RV Camping. Folks often ask us, “How do you stay cool while RV camping during the hottest summer months?” Since the whole reason for camping is to get outdoors and experience closeness to nature,…

SUP In Hot Springs Arkansas

8.3 miles per gallon full time RV living

Hello from Arkansas! Never in my life would I have expected to write those words. Not that there is a thing wrong with Arkansas. It is absolutely beautiful. As Florida natives, who currently call Atlanta home, we never had much cause to make Arkansas a destination. Now that we are here, we are certainly glad…

We are really doing it!

Hey Gang, We did it and we are officially on the road! Big thank you to everyone. We couldn’t have started our full time RV living trip without you! See you out there!