How we became full-time RV travelers

Hi friends! We are the Elliott Family and we’re glad you’re here!

We’re Florida natives who have been living our suburban life just outside Atlanta, GA. Our life is filled with everything we dreamed. We live in a great neighborhood with top rated schools, friends, pets, PTO membership and soccer practice! Life is good, as they say. We recently purchased our first RV, a 2018 Winnebago Minnie Plus. Our family has always enjoyed tent camping but with this purchase, we realized that RV travel offers SO many more opportunities to adventure together. This is how our family’s dream began to shift a bit and Home While We Roam was created.

What’s next? Well, we have thoughtfully created a plan to travel as a family in our RV full-time and explore much of the United States in search of simpler living, deeper family ties, and epic adventures! Home While We Roam is meant to document this experience so others might find the inspiration they need to challenge the traditional and get out and roam.

How long do you plan to travel?

Our plan is to leave Atlanta, GA on September 1, 2018 headed to the South West and Pacific North West for the first six months. We will be heading back to the Atlanta side of the Mississippi in the Spring of 2019. Ultimately spending Summer 2019 exploring The Eastern Seaboard from the Florida Keys to Maine.

Follow us on our travel map here.

What parts of the United States are you visiting?

We plan to stay at least one night in 35 states and 20 national parks but here are the highlights:

  • Arkansas – September 2018
  • New Mexico – September 2018
  • Oklahoma – September 2018
  • Colorado – September 2018
  • Utah – September 2018
  • Wyoming – October 2018
  • Idao – October 2018
  • Oregon – October 2018
  • California – Nov. ’18 to Jan. ’19
  • Arizona – February 2019
  • New Mexico-February 2019
  • Texas – March 2019
  • Louisiana – March 2019
  • Florida – April 2019
  • South Carolina – April 2019
  • North Carolina – May 2019
  • West Virginia – May 2019
  • Maryland and D.C. – June 2019
  • New Hampshire – June 2019
  • New York – June 2019
  • Massachusetts – June 2019
  • Vermont – July 2019
  • Maine – July 2019

Are you selling everything? What did you do with your house/cars?

We are maintaining our home base in Atlanta, GA. We are not selling our home or cars. The house is smart homed up so we can keep an eye on things while we are away. Plus, it is a great piece of mind to know we have a sticks and bricks home if we need it.

What will you do for work?

With the support of Alaina and his daughters, Sam made the life changing decision to leave the career that he loved at a major cyber security software vendor in order to spend more time with his family. At Home While We Roam, Sam is responsible for ensuring his family has an EPIC adventure while maintaining each technical element of their RV rig, which includes smart home technology and a self installed 300 Amp Hour Lithium-ion battery bank/400 watt solar power system. Basically, Sam’s new job is “Adventure Seeker/in house IT dude.”

Alaina’s job will be “Headmaster of Road School/Captain of the ship.” Her past life as a certified k-6 educator will come in handy during our “roadschool” adventures and through her careful planning and research, she as created the optimal RV route to destinations around the U.S.

Will you travel forever?

We will most likely “settle down” again in the future. Until then, we are happy to wander, explore and roam on.




  • Sandra

    September 1, 2018 at 5:19 pm

    As dear friends of you all I am excited be able to experience your adventures through the lens of your drone, video footage, and your blogging.

    We found a treasure when you all moved right behind our neighborhood three years ago. God has a wonderful way of connecting those who fill others lives with joy!

    Carry on Elliot’s!!! We support you and are cheering you all on!

  • joyce curtis

    August 28, 2019 at 1:37 am

    I am a great great grandma and my camping days are behind me but how I do envy you!! I would maybe like to make a suggestion that you slow down and linger a bit longer in each state. Less miles, more smiles!!!

    • HomeWhileWeRoam

      August 29, 2019 at 5:31 pm

      Hi Joyce,

      Thanks so much for following us on our adventures. We agree with your suggestion! It is tremendous advice. What is your favorite place to slow down and smile more in?
      -Sam and Alaina


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