We are Sam and Alaina and along with our twins Kate & Liv and our puppers Pete and Nick, we are Home While We Roam. Home While We Roam is an Atlanta, Ga. based family who review camp grounds, highlight RV travel destinations, and provide instruction on some of our DIY Camper hacks and projects. We created Home While We Roam during a trip around the US, while living full time  in our 30′ Winnebago Minnie Plus Camper. Since deciding to live our own adventure we have traveled more than 15,000 miles around the United States and we have seen stunning National Parks, expansive desserts, and have had amazing adventures.

This has led us to the adventure that life is and we’d like to help you find your adventure too!

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    We quit our jobs and decided to home school the kids.  Now we are living a dream that we almost can’t believe. You know what?  With the right planning and tools it can be done and we hope you can use Home While We Roam to help you do this too! You’ll find ideas on saving money while traveling full time in an RV, the tools you need to work smarter not harder, and how to get everything out of the destinations you travel to.

    9 Ways to stay cool camping this summer - August is here and that means Summer time is in full swing! Beating the heat is hugely important for summer time RV Camping. Folks often ask us, “How do you stay cool while RV camping during the hottest summer months?” Since the whole reason for camping is to get outdoors and experience closeness to nature,...

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    Watch us on our dream trip, living with the whole family in our 30′ RV. We post videos all the time with tips and tricks on full time RV living and reviews of the places we stay so subscribe and come back often!

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